Returning Ranger Martina

YCM believes in creating leadership opportunities for talented high school students.  Their work is a critical part of our success, so from time to time, we turn the spotlight on them to show our appreciation. We are thrilled to welcome back Martina who began volunteering with YCM last year. Here she is, in her own words:

“I am Martina, a senior in the IB program at a local Italian high school, and I began working at YCM last year as a Workshop Ranger. I immediately found it was a really interesting experience, mainly because of my interest in Child Psychology. I began working at YCM because I thought it would give me an opportunity to directly interact with the kids, and allow me to better understand what I want to study in the future. As a Workshop Ranger, I helped create team-building activities for the kids that permitted them to improve their English in a fun and interactive way, as well as teaching them social skills.

This year, I am Class Ranger to the FUNdamentals section for YCM’s four- and five-year-olds. I really enjoy learning how to work with the little ones and how to help them grow through the activities we lead. I have to say that it has been an enriching experience that has allowed me to grow in various ways, and has pushed me to improve my leadership skills.”

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