What's happening at YCM?

What makes YCM unique?

A youth program that is much more than child’s play

We believe hard work and commitment are critical to children’s character development. This is as true in the arts as it is in academics and sports. YCM expects a high level of dedication from our singers and their families.

Young voices benefit enormously from early training. YCM blends work and play so that our singers develop a lifelong love of singing and passion for music.

Multi-year music education and performance program

YCM prepares budding artists at a steady pace that permits them to experience progressive challenges while allowing them to confidently celebrate their newly acquired skills. From ear-training games to sight-reading to multipart harmonizing, we build year to year upon our singers’ musical foundations, at a pace commensurate with their developmental stages.

YCM performances, too, progress over time from exhibiting at concerts for friends and family, to singing at public events, and even participating in national and international choral festivals. No matter the venue, our performances are peak experiences, showcasing weeks, months, and years of musical preparation and dedication.

Your voice, our family! As our singers grow up together, they form a team. This deep sense of belonging serves them in all areas of life.

International perspective. English instruction. Proud to call Milan home.

YCM’s primary language of instruction is English, preparing our singers to represent our city in the global community.

Our repertoire features different languages and musical styles, but also reflects our nature as a group that celebrates the cultural heritage of Milan.

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