Musical Theatre – older elementary

MUSICAL THEATRE: Older Elementary

Musical Theatre is designed to introduce students to the world of musical theatre in a fun and engaging way. The program is geared towards students in grades 3-8 and is led by experienced theatre professional Elena Gomez who has a passion for teaching young performers.

Throughout the program, students will learn about the different aspects of musical theatre, including acting, singing, and dancing. They will also explore different musical styles and genres, and will work on developing their performance skills through group exercises and individual coaching.

In addition to learning performance skills, YCM’s musical theatre program also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, discipline, and creativity. Students will learn to work together towards a common goal, and will develop the confidence and self-expression that comes with performing on stage.

Weekly rehearsals

Day Start Finish
Wednesdays 17:00 19:00

Musical Theatre meets once a week from September through May with breaks scheduled for Christmas, Carnival, and Easter, as well as national and local public holidays.

Rehearsals and workshops are held in our rehearsal space at Via Solferino 17, whereas our performances and their accompanying dress rehearsals take place throughout Milan. A full calendar with all our activities’ dates and locations is available to students on our private Google Classroom.

Special workshops

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly rehearsals, we also hold special workshops throughout the year at which the full YCM chorus and our Musical Theatre section come together. These two-hour sessions are much more than general rehearsals. Expert guests are invited to share their knowledge and experience. Team-building exercises are run to forge lasting friendships and a shared sense of belonging. And plenty of time is devoted to having FUN!

Performances throughout the artistic season

YCM believes strongly in giving our musical theatre students multiple opportunities to perform. We want our young artists to experience the sense of satisfaction that is felt as a result of hours of acquiring new skills and overcoming challenges to gain mastery. These performances are peak experiences for choristers and audiences alike, showcasing weeks, months, and even years of musical preparation and dedication.

Auditions are underway for our 2024/2025 season. Please register your interest by clicking on the “Audition request” button above and completing the form. After registration, you will be contacted to arrange your audition session.

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