Returning Ranger Jacopo

YCM believes in creating leadership opportunities for talented high school students.  Their work is a critical part of our success, so occasionally we turn the spotlight on them to show our appreciation.

We are thrilled to welcome back Jacopo who began volunteering with YCM last year as Class Ranger to our Tuesday FUNdamentals class for 4- and 5-year-olds.  Now a senior in the IB program at a local Italian school, Jacopo is one of our Workshop Rangers, helping to run our monthly workshops when we get the whole chorus together to sing and dance, play team-building activities related to our repertoire, and form lasting friendships.

At our October workshop, Jacopo was pleased to greet many of “his kids” from last year’s preschool class who are now attending elementary school.  He also enjoyed the opportunity to take the lead on teaching when the chorus split into three groups, and he was the Ranger assigned to the 1st graders.  He hopes to continue to take on leadership roles – whether teaching dance moves or explaining how to use our private Google Classroom – as the year progresses.

Right now, he’s busy with his IB coursework and completing his college applications.  And, of course, planning fun and educational activities for our next workshop in November!

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