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I hadn’t expected to ever conduct a choir as part of my musical life. Sing in choirs, sure, but lead one? That part of my journey began thanks to Giuseppe Verdi. Yes, you read that right. Having sung as a classical soprano and having fortuitously wound up teaching music appreciation at the Collegio San Carlo, a bilingual middle school in 
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What a great find at my hometown public library! Raising Musical Kids by Patrick Kavanaugh. Servant Publications, 1995. In the first chapter of his book, the late composer and educator answers the question, “Why should my children study music?” by listing certain advantages he sees as derivatives of a music education. I look forward to sharing with you Kavanaugh’s thoughts 
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I’m eagerly counting down the days until I pick up my conducting baton in front of our first YCM chorus. In the meantime, I’m enjoying preparing to sing soprano under the direction of some wonderful conductors. This summer I’m excited to have three such opportunities: with the Ensemble Vocale di Camera EVOCA here in Milan, the Voci d’Amici in Dallas, 
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