YCM at MILE is our ensemble for MILE students enrolled in the third, fourth, and fifth grades for the 2020/2021 academic year. In our weekly lesson, we focus on a wide range of repertoire selected to solidify our singing skills. Each piece of music we study serves a pedagogical purpose whether to increase range, develop breath support, or improve intonation. In addition, we’ll begin the joyous journey of learning to read music and sing in harmony.

Weekly rehearsals

Day Start Finish
Mondays 17:00 18:15

Sessions run from late September 2020 until the end of May 2021 with breaks scheduled for Christmas, Carnival, and Easter holidays as well as Italian and local public holidays.

Monthly workshops

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly rehearsals, we also hold monthly workshops (always on a Friday 5-7pm) at which the full YCM chorus comprising the Harmonics, Overtones and Chromatics, comes together.  These two-hour sessions, held at locations throughout central Milan, are much more than general rehearsals.  Expert guests are invited to share their knowledge and experience.  Team-building exercises are run to forge last friendships and a shared sense of belonging.  And plenty of time is devoted to having FUN!

Performances throughout the artistic season

YCM believes strongly in giving our choristers multiple opportunities to perform.    We want our young artists to experience the sense of satisfaction that is felt as a result of hours of acquiring new skills and overcoming challenges to gain mastery.  In 2020/2021 performance opportunities will be determined by the continuing Covid-19 pandemic and in accordance with national and local regulations and guidance.  No matter the venue, these performances are sure to be peak experiences for choristers and audience alike, showcasing weeks and months of musical preparation and dedication.

Annual fees

YCM’s program runs from September through May.  Tuition is to be paid in a single installment of €600 at the time of enrollment.

Additionally, choristers must purchase the YCM published music rights packet at a cost of €30.

As YCM at MILE choristers are protagonists at our YCM performances, we require parents to sign a consent form at the time of enrollment to allow YCM to utilize photos, videos and recordings of their child to promote YCM and/or our activities.

Registration is currently open for the 2020/2021 season. Please register your child for YCM at MILE program by using the YCM Enrollment Request


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